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Whatfix vs Ask Vic: Which DAP Is Better?

By Tara Porter
Updated May 24, 2024
WhatFix vs Ask Vic

Feeling torn between Whatfix vs Ask Vic (yours truly)? No worries, I've got your back. I've done my homework, sifted through countless reviews of both platforms, and I'm here to lay it all out for you.

Now, I'll try to keep my biases in check (after all, a little modesty goes a long way), but hey, let's be real—when something's good, it's good! So, let's dive in and explore the ins and outs of Ask Vic vs Whatfix:

Understanding Whatfix and Ask Vic

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let's get acquainted with Whatfix and Ask Vic. Both Digital Adoption Platforms are designed to elevate employee onboarding and streamline workflows by guiding within web applications, but we approach it differently. Whatfix offers a plethora of features, while I, Ask Vic, pride myself on simplicity and user-friendliness. Now, let's see how we measure up against each other!

Ease of Use


Whatfix is praised for its user-friendly interface and rich feature set, making it easy to create customized onboarding flows and tooltips. Users appreciate the hands-on support and continuous check-ins from the customer success team. One reviewer noted, "The Whatfix Studio UI is easy to use and provides a very rich feature set to drive product adoption," highlighting improved engagement rates and user experience.

However, some challenges remain, such as the learning curve with identifying elements via CSS. One user mentioned, "One area for improvement would be the learning curve with the functionalities related to identifying elements via CSS." Additionally, integrating Whatfix with backend databases and managing page layout changes can complicate navigation.

Ask Vic

I pride myself on being exceptionally user-friendly. My design is intuitive, making it easy for administrators to create custom content and for end users to access help and training materials seamlessly. One user remarked, "The product was super easy to deploy and just started working," showcasing how quickly I can be integrated and put to use.

My goal is to enhance productivity by providing contextual help right within your workflows. As another user put it, "Ask Vic is very intuitive and easy to use as an admin and as an end user." This ease of use means you spend less time in training sessions and more time on your core tasks. I am here to streamline your digital adoption process, making your experience smooth and efficient.


Let's compare Whatfix and Ask Vic in terms of features:


  • Interactive Walkthroughs: Provide step-by-step guidance to users through various features and functionalities.
  • In-app Self-Help: Offer contextual assistance within the application interface to help users troubleshoot issues or find relevant information.
  • Smart Pop-ups: Deliver targeted messages or alerts to users based on their actions or behavior within the application.
  • Task Lists: Create customizable task lists to guide users through specific workflows or processes.
  • Analytics Capabilities: Track user engagement, completion rates, and other metrics to measure the effectiveness of onboarding and training materials.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate with various platforms and applications to enhance user experience across different systems.

Ask Vic

  • Interactive Walkthroughs: Step-by-step guides that lead users through your product's features and functionalities.
  • Inline Help: Contextual assistance that provides helpful tips and information within your product interface.
  • In-App Banners and Alerts: Eye-catching messages that grab users' attention and convey important announcements or updates.
  • Scheduled Training Tips: Provide scheduled training tips and tutorials to help users learn new features or workflows over time.
  • Pre-built Content Library: Access a library of pre-built training materials and resources from various platforms to supplement onboarding efforts.
  • Searchable Knowledge Base: Offer a comprehensive knowledge base of articles and resources that users can search and access at any time.
  • Customization Options: Customize onboarding experiences, training content, and user guidance to align with the unique requirements of your organization.
  • Behavior tracking with Microsoft Clarity integration: Integration with Microsoft Clarity for tracking user behavior and interactions within the application.
  • Analytics and reporting for tracking ROI and time saved: Insights and reports to measure the effectiveness of onboarding efforts and quantify time saved through the platform.
  • Templates for quick start-up: Pre-designed templates that users can customize to create interactive product tours rapidly.

I pride myself on being simple and friendly while still offering powerful customization options and comprehensive support. Users appreciate the straightforward setup process and the availability of pre-built content, making it easier to get started with the platform.

Customer Support


Whatfix's customer support is widely praised for its exceptional responsiveness and dedication. Users appreciate the proactive approach of the support team, with continuous engagement by Customer Success Managers (CSMs) helping users maximize the benefits of Whatfix's platform. The team's commitment to providing timely assistance and tailored solutions is frequently highlighted as a significant advantage.

Despite the positive feedback, some users have noted areas for improvement. One user mentioned, "The only dislike I have with any of this is the time difference between our working hours." Additionally, another user pointed out that "Some of our more complex flows required engineering support to build and while we were successfully able to achieve our objective it was not 100% clear how it was done." These reviews suggest that while the support team is highly responsive, there are challenges related to time zones and the complexity of certain tasks.

Ask Vic

My customer support team is renowned for their responsiveness and excellence. As one reviewer noted, "the company is responsive and support is excellent." Another satisfied user shared, "The service and support we receive from the Ask Vic team is nearly unparalleled in my many years of experience in this industry." My team is dedicated to ensuring users feel supported and valued, addressing their needs promptly and effectively.

To make support as accessible as possible, my team offers daily office hours where users can hop in without an appointment to get immediate assistance. This allows for real-time problem-solving and personalized guidance on the spot. Additionally, users can schedule appointments for more in-depth discussions or submit support tickets, which are addressed with prompt responses.

To ensure continuous improvement and to provide tailored advice, our representatives set up quarterly meetings with users. During these sessions, we review how the platform is performing, discuss any challenges, and offer suggestions to maximize the benefits of Ask Vic. This proactive approach ensures that our users are always getting the most out of our platform and can rely on us for consistent, high-quality support.

Transparency in Pricing


Whatfix's cost transparency has room for improvement, as their website does not openly display pricing details, which can be frustrating for potential customers seeking upfront information. This lack of transparency can be a barrier for those wanting to quickly assess the tool's affordability.

Additionally, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the pricing model, noting that certain valuable features are locked behind higher-tier plans. This can be a drawback for users looking for an all-inclusive package without the need for additional expenses.

Ask Vic

I pride myself on transparency, especially when it comes to pricing. I list all my pricing directly on the site, ensuring there are no surprise fees. This straightforward approach allows users to understand exactly what they're paying for without hidden costs.

One reviewer appreciated this clarity, stating, "Simplicity and cost of the solution compared to others in the marketplace." My goal is to provide users with a cost-effective solution that is both clear and competitive, making it easier for users to make informed decisions.

Reliability and Performance


While Whatfix generally receives positive feedback for its ease of use and excellent support team, users have also reported several performance issues and bugs. One user commented, "There are a few UI bugs I have come across that make it a little challenging to create some types of content, but they are minor." Another user noted, "The system outages, bugs, and glitches we encounter can be frustrating."

Ask Vic

Ask Vic is designed with reliability at its core. My responsive support team works diligently to ensure the platform performs well, addressing any issues promptly and effectively. Regular updates and maintenance are conducted to keep the platform running smoothly, providing a dependable user experience.

One reviewer highlighted these strengths, stating, "Easy to use, very intuitive functionality, low maintenance, reliable, and great support from the Ask Vic team." With a focus on continuous improvement, I strive to offer a stable and reliable solution you can count on.


Hopefully, I've given you a relatively honest view of Whatfix vs Ask Vic (but, let's be real, I'm pretty confident). While Whatfix offers a wide array of features, its complexity can be a stumbling block.

On the flip side, Ask Vic is all about simplicity without skimping on functionality. With transparent pricing, a free base package, and an intuitive interface, why not give me a shot? Dive in today with my free plan and experience seamless onboarding like never before.

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